Food Friday: My experience with the Whole30.

I love to cook and since there has been so much interest in my food posts on Instagram I figure I’d start sharing them on my blog. So it’s Foodie Friday, January is done and February has begun. My Whole30 is finished and time to tackle a new 30-day challenge for myself. But before I do that I’d like to take the time to reflect on my experience with the Whole30 and share my result.

Overall I am very happy with how my Whole30 went. I’ve lost 8 pounds and two inches off my waist with doing nothing but changing my diet. I’m sleeping better and have tons more energy. I also super motivated to keep moving forward and continue on my health journey.

I take the Whole30 as a challenge, a goal, something to shoot for. It takes a little bit of willpower and a whole lot of planning. Luckily I like to cook and have most of my morning off so I can plan out what I’m going to eat that week. I also so lots of research before I undertake a challenge such as this. I have a ton of resources to pull from so it makes it easier to get recipes inspirations. Here are a list and link of some of my favorite recipes from my Whole30.

Madras Chicken Salad from NomNomPaleo

Mina Harissa Chicken with Butternut Squash from Paleomg

Curry Turkey Bites from NomNomPaleo

Paleo Meatloaf with Cauliflower Mash

Deviled Eggs with homemade mayo

My take on Eggs Benedict

If you are interested in my personal recipes please leave a comment below and I will start posting then on Fridays if people are interested. I have also listed resources in case you are interested in starting your own Whole30. There are links to recipes, snacks, books and all sorts of odds and ends to help you along your journey.


Snacks and Condiments


I hope everyone has found this post helpful. If you have any questions do hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot me and email at Happy Eating!

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