Goals: Move for March

January was about eating. February was about meditation, that didn’t go well. March is all about movement. Now some people might say that I’m already in pretty good shape and I definitely move more than the average person. But I don’t want to be the average person.

As athletes or martial artists, we move a lot. I see some guys on the mat for 2-3 hours a night. But what are we doing with the rest of the 21 hours of our day? I know for me when I’m training I’m just training and when I’m not I’m not. I usually don’t do many activities for fun. I usually don’t play or just go for a walk. Training is usually all the movement that I do in a day.

So for March, it is my goal to move every day. To vary my movement and to do as much as possible throughout the day. Biking, walking, hiking, climbing, yoga, running, or just goofing around. I’m going to try to do it every day. Join me for March and I’ll see you on the mat or outside!

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