The Art of Controlled Dying

Cutting weight is probably on of my least favorite activities on the planet. If you have ever read any of my other post on the topic you know how much. It’s one of the accepted evils competing in a sport that has weight classes.  I have cut weight many different ways. Some good, some not so good. After doing tons of research and practicing myself I found a protocol that works for my fighter and myself. I figured I’d share my knowledge with the public so that competitors can find the best way to cut weight for themselves. I also decided to document my experience of a practice cut so that you can see what to expect in my Weekly Recap Post. I have also listed some resources that I use to help facilitate the weight cut as best as possible. This is not to loose weight permanently, this is a cut. Remember the number on the scale is just a number. This is only for athletes who have to make a certain weight for competition. So please don’t use this day to day just because you feel bloated…Well, let’s get to the art of controlled dying.

The Protocol

When I was researching the best ways to cut weight I came across a lot of protocols. Some were by powerlifters, wrestlers, and fighters. They all had some bit of truth to them, but what I was interested in is how do I be uncomfortable before a competition for as little amount of time as possible. So I thought to myself. “Who do I remember always making weight when I would watch fights and who would come in huge the next day?” Say no more, GSP. I had met the guy at a seminar back when I first started training and I remember him talking about how he made weight. So that is what I researched and this is what I came up with:

Carbohydrates Protein and Fat Water Salt Diuretics Sauna or Immersion
Monday Less than 50 g As much as you need in 3 meals 2 gallons No salt None None
Tuesday Less than 50 g As much as you need in 3 meals 1 gallon No salt None None
Wednesday Less than 50 g As much as you need in 3 meals 1 gallon No salt None None
Thursday Less than 50 g As much as you need in 3 meals 0.5 gallon No salt None Sauna in afternoon
Friday Less than 50 g Eat 3 very small meals throughout day 0.25 gallon No salt Dandelion Root Sauna in afternoon then immersion in evening if necessary
Saturday Weigh- In Less than 50 g Eat 2 very small meals until weigh-in None till weigh-in No salt Dandelion Root Sauna in afternoon then immersion in evening if necessary

(I will remind everyone that most fighters and athlete start their cut early during their camp by changing their diet and upping their workload. If you are interested in that topic here are my two favorite resources on the subject.)


Prep for Cut

I will be starting on a Monday and weighing in on Saturday at 6 pm. I will be showing some day by day logs to show the entire process on my Weekly Recap Post. Cutting weight is simple it just isn’t easy.It is always good to go in prepared. He is a list of thing that I like to have around to help me prepare for cutting weight.

  • You guessed it WATER! (5 gallons, I use distilled so I don’t have to worry about my salt intake)
  • Sugar-free high-fat condiments to put on my protein sources (I use Primal Kitchen Products)
  • High Protein and High-Fat snacks that snacks that don’t weigh very much (I like Epic bars and Sunbutter)
  • Dandelion Root (Here is the one I used)
  • Epsom Salt (Here are the one I used)
  • Sauna (Here is the one that I use at my house)
  • Ice packs

Hot Water Immersion

One of the fastest ways to pull water weight off your body is hot water immersion. You fill a bathtub with the hottest water that you can stand and add 1-2 cups of Epsom salts. You submerge your entire body and head so that only your face is exposed to the air for 10 minutes. Then get out of the tub towel off and put an ice pack on your head to cool off. Don’t shower though your body will absorb water through the skin.


This is actually the most important part of the process. On average the body can only absorb about 1L of water and hour. So it is very important to not drink any more than that, ask me how I know. Sipping 1L per hour with good starchy carbs is the way to go. Obviously, not all the water that you drink will be retained. In fact, you’ll probably loose about 25 % as urine. So make sure when you drink your fluids you do so with food that is salted.

So that’s it! The art of controlled dying, also known as cutting weight. I don’t recommend this for everyone. It is an unfortunate and necessary evil of doing weight class sports. It is not a replacement for lifestyle, diet, and exercise changes that you can make in your life.




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