Day 1, Monday- 

Starting Weight: 161.8 lb

Protocol: 2 gallons of water, Less than 50 grams of carbs, no salt

I don’t know how a person can fit that much water into their body? Drinking water becomes a chore. It’s exhausting. Bored…drink water, hungry…drink water, tired…drink water and just go to the bathroom a lot. Did get a chance to run a little though. The not eating carbs thing is not so bad the first day because I still get to eat fat and protein but I’m just so full from, you guessed it, drinking water!!!

Run: 1 mile

Kid’s Muay Thai:

  • Test Prep

Day 2, Tuesday-

Weight: 160.8

Protocol: 1 gallon of water, Less than 50 grams of carbs, no salt

I am so full of water right now that I have actually gained weight. I’m trying really hard not to freak out because I know this can happen because water weighs a lot. I’m so bloated from drinking water I don’t even want to eat but I have to. I did get to workout today. The only downside is that I got a little light headed at the end. But overall ok today.

Private in No-Gi 

GPP @ Foundational Fitness with Adam

Kid’s Jiu Jitsu:

  • Breaking down posture in guard
  • Sit up Sweep
  • Puch Sweep

Kid’s Muay Thai:

  • Test Prep
  • Pop the Leather

Adult Muay Thai:

  • Right Kick Counters


  • Single Stick High Box
  • Entries to Stick Chokes

Day 3, Wednesday-

Weight: 160.4

Protocol: 1 gallon of water, Less than 50 grams of carbs, no salt

Starting to feel a little lighter, but my mouth if super dry. How can someone drink so much water and still be thirsty? Did a 2 mile run today and ate pretty simple. I’m not even that hungry because I’m drinking so much water but let us see how tomorrow goes. 

2 Mile Run

Kid’s Muay Thai:

  • Test Prep

Kid’s Jiu Jitsu:

  • Taught the Lil Cobras
  • Breakfalls, Shoulder Rolls
  • Punch Block Defense in Guard

Day 4, Thursday-

Weight: 160.0

Protocol: .5 gallon of water, less than 50 grams of carbs, no salt

Is this even working? I always ask myself at this point of the weight cut. That’s because the weight isn’t coming off as fast as I like but I always forget, I haven’t started sweating yet!!! But I did get a two-hour massage where the table was heated. So I did lose weight from that. I just have to ask myself why am I doing this again?

Massage with Keri

GPP @ Foundational Fitness with Adam “Flawsome”

Kid’s Jiu Jitsu:

  • Same as Tuesday and Wednesday

Kid’s Muay Thai:


Adult Muay Thai:

  • Level 1 Thai Test, Patrick did great!

Day 5, Friday-

Weight: 159.0

Protocol: .25 gallon of water, less than 50 grams of carbs, no salt, smaller meals

Now we’re cooking with gas. The weight is starting to come off fairly easily now and I’m not sweating yet. So now I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Got in the infra-red sauna in the afternoon for about 30 minutes and I didn’t feel like dying. After teaching I did hot water immersion which took off another 2 pounds. Things are looking up.

Kid’s No-Gi:

  • Station Work
  • Positional Training

Kid’s Competition Class:

  • Single Legs
  • Double Legs
  • Guillotine from guard
  • Guillotine Defense
  • Training

Day 6, Saturday-

Weight: 155.0

Protocol: 2 small snacks, no water

It’s weight cut day and I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. I could still teach all my classes and I didn’t start to get really uncomfortable until after the water immersion. I’m not saying cutting weight is fun though. By the end of it, all I want is water and nothing else.

Kid’s Competition Class:

  • Guard Retention
  • Training

Adult BJJ with Matt “The Truth” 

  • Master Text, standing self-defense
  • Rolling

Adult Muay Thai

  • Padwork
  • Three hands to a kick

Sauna Session

  • Three 15 minute sessions

Hot Water Immersion

  • One 10 minute session

Final Weight: 149

Overall I’m happy with pulling 12 pounds in a week without going out of my way and I was still able to teach and train. After weighing in I drank a homemade Recovery Drink, (I’ll post it on Foodjitsu Friday) and then I totally ate pizza, faileo!

Day 7, Sunday-

Weight: 158.4

After rehydration and food, I’m back up in weight. I feel great, mostly because the weight cut is over. And now I get to film Throat Punch Thursday.


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