When I first started training these were comments people used to say to me when I started. So I figured I would share them with you now. So here are the top 5 backhanded Jiu Jitsu compliments.

1. “Your strong!”-Translation “Your muscling your technique.”

2. “Your really athletic!”- Translation: “Your cardio is much better then mine and I can’t keep up.”

3. “Your tough!”- Translation: “Stop being stubborn and just let me tap you!”

4. “Your really flexible.”- Translation: “I can’t pass your guard and it’s pissing me off!!!”

5. “Did you used to wrestle?” –Translation: “You’re going way too hard, I can’t sweep you, your pummeling is good and I have no answer for your top game. Dammit!”

Note: All of these backhanded compliments are also real compliments in the right context.

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