Weekly Recap: 4/1-4/22

I’m on week three of healing my dislocated finger. It has been super annoying but I’ve found a way to work around my injury versus working through my injury. I also started a new diet from what I think is the best book written about diet, nutrition, and lifestyle I’ve ever read. The book is Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin. I especially recommend this to competitors and athletes that I have to make to weight while making sure they don’t loose any muscle. I will keep you up to date on how the diet goes and how my finger is doing as well. Here is what my week looked like.


  • Kid’s Muay Thai –
    • Stance & Motion
    • Partner Glove Drills
      • Jab Right Kick
      • Jab Cross Right Kick
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Basic Armbar Movement
    • Armbar from Mount
  • BJJ w/ Master Pedro Sauer-
    • Mounting from Crossbody
    • Maintaining Mount
    • Collar Choke from Mount


  • GPP @ Foundational Fitness with Adam
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Same as Monday
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Same as Monday
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Test Prep
  • Kali with Krysta-
    • Single Stick High Box
    • To Vines and Snake disarms


  • Lifting @ Old Glory with Brian-
    • Back Squats
      • 5 sets of 5 @145 lb
    • Get Ups
      • 2 sets of 2 on each side @ 16 kg
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Same as Monday and Tuesday
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Elbow Escape from Mount
  • BJJ with Master Sauer-
    • Revisited maintaining mount and collar choke


  • Conditioning @ Foundational Fitness with Adam
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Same as Wednesday
  • Foundations Jiu Jitsu-
    • Double Collar Grab Defense
    • Armbar Protection from Guard
    • Standing Guard Pass
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Stance and Motion
    • Partner Glove Drill
      • Boxing to Left Kick


  • Private Lesson-
    • On White to Blue
  • No Gi Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Elbow Escape from Mount
    • Positional Training
  • Kid’s Competition Team Practice-
    • Takedowns
    • Sprawls
    • Training
    • Q & A
  • BJJ Lab
    • Q & A


  • Kid’s Competition Team Class-
    • Maintaining Guard
    • Guard Retention
    • Training
  • Private Lesson-
    • On Strikeing
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Footwork to deal with right kick


Starting filming my first youtube video “Throat Punch Thursday!” Look out for it this week!




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