Weekly Recap: 4/10-4/16

Happy Easter! (For those of you who celebrate it) It was spring break this week for the kids here in Northern Virginia so classes were pretty light. But Jeff Curran came to visit this week in preparation for his match with Ciao Terra. I was really bummed to not be able to train with Jeff while he was in town because I had dislocated my finger about a week ago. But I did get to pick his brain a little about fighting, Jiu Jitsu, and life. It’s always great to have a really seasoned guy like Jeff at the gym so I can get his perspective. If you guys ever get the chance to train or learn from Jeff Curran I highly recommend it.


  • AM Workout-
    • Am yoga for 20 minutes
    • Long Standard Duration Run/Walk 45 minutes
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Station work
    • Technique Demo
    • Bag work
    • Flying Knees
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • T-position Hip Throw
    • Upa w/ choke defense
  • BJJ with Mike Horihan
    • Guard Attacks
    • Triangle Defense
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Partner drills- stance and motions
    • Glove Drills- boxing to right round kick
    • Bag work- knees


  • AM Workout-
    • Bike Ride
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Same as Monday
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Same as Monday
  • Adult Muay Thai- 
    • Same as Monday
    • Test Prep


  • Lifting @ Old Glory with Brian Wright
    • Turkish Get Ups
      • 3 reps each side @ 16 kg
    • Front Squats-
      • 5 reps @ 95 lb
    • Back Squat-
      • 5 set of 3 reps @ 145 lb
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Same as Monday
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • T-position to leg throw
    • American armlock from mount
  • BJJ with Jeff Curran-
    • Maintaining the back position
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Stance and Motion
    • Partner Drills- Boxing to Left Round Kick
    • Gloves Drill- Boxing Combos to Left Round Kick


  • AM Workout-
    • LSD Run/Walk
  • Kid’s Jiu-jitsu-
    • Same as Wednesday
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Bag work out
    • Flying Knees
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Same as Wednesday
    • Test Prep


  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu
    • Review of T-position takedowns
  • Kid’s Competition Team Practice-
    • Sprawls
    • Half Guard Passes
    • Sparring
  • BJJ Lab
    • Maintaining Crossbody Concepts


  • Workshop with Jeff Curran
    • Maintaining Back Control
    • Submissions from the Back


  • Hike with Benjamyn Smith @ Ravens Rock


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