Happy Foodjitsu Friday! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Foodjitsu post but my life keeps getting in the way…BOO! Cooking has been put on the back burner while training, teaching, and throat punching have taken up a bigger focus. That is why this week I’ll be talking about some cooking/diet hacks that I’ve been using. Or as I call it Foodjitsu!

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You all know I love to cook but when I am busy, especially during the summer because of the camps I run, I look for ways to streamline my life while still eating healthy. I recently made the switch to eating more keto-friendly and was looking for a great meal kit option. Most meal kit options are not gluten-free, paleo or low carb. Green Chef on the other is all three. They have options for any diet and their ingredients are organic and GMO-free. The ingredients are pre-measured and the recipes are pretty easy to follow. Anyone could do it…even a dead person…well not really.

I picked the keto friendly meal kit, which is one of their options that they recently added. Each meal is $14 a person, which is a little more expensive than some of their other options. But then I know for a fact that the food that I’m eating works in with my diet plan and because I’m cooking it I know what ingredients go into my food.

My first meal was Sesame-Crusted Tuna with Sautéed Mushrooms, Snap Peas, Bok choy, and Cashews. It was nice to have some seafood for a change since I usually don’t buy it for myself very often. I also have a carbon steel wok at home that I so rarely get to use anymore so it was nice to bring it out. Looking at the ingredients it looked like the meal was actually going to be bland. I was mistaken! The meal was full of flavor and texture even though I over-cooked the tuna a little bit.

The second meal I ended up making for the week was Lamb Shakshuka with egg and cauliflower “rice.” I really liked this meal a lot. Anything that has tons of spices and a deep flavor that lingers I am all about. Also, lamb is awesome! This meal was super easy to make, even though it was my first time poaching an egg in a sauce. The only thing I wish is that there was more cauliflower rice. Oh well, such is life…

The third meal…I didn’t make it. I was out-of-town in Albany, NY for the Rickson Gracie Cup so my boyfriend had to fend for himself. He made the meal all by himself, I’m so proud of him. I kid though. He is actually a very good cook. He said it was tasty just that the portions are not big enough for him. (To be fair though, no portions are big enough for him…)

All in all, I was very happy with the Green Chef Box. It is a very convenient way to cook for yourself without the hassle of meal planning, shopping, and measuring ingredients. It’s 20% effort and 80% results. Total Foodjitsu!

Interested in trying out Green Chef yourself? Click the link below to get two meals free.



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