Whole30: Who Knew You Could Eat More Than Bird Seed…

It’s a rainy day here is Virginia. With the way the weather has been you would swear we were in the Pacific Northwest, but I digress. For those of you who have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen what I have been cooking. I’ve been cooking all of this food because I am doing my second Whole30.

For those of you who don’t know what a Whole30, it is an elimination protocol to see what types of food might affect you in a negative way. So that means no sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, bad cooking oils, or alcohol. If that wasn’t hard enough I decided to give up caffeine as well. So what can I eat? Birdseed and pinecones?

You can actually eat a great deal. Pasture-raised meat and wild fish, all the vegetables you can consume, high-quality fats, nut and seed, small amounts of fruit, and decaf coffee and tea.

I love to cook and actually having a limitation to what I can eat forces me to be very creative in the kitchen. It makes you look at food differently. You start to look at food as fuel instead of an activity you do between binge watching episodes of Game of Thrones.

I’ve never had the best relationship with food, but this is a start. I look at this building part of my foundation to continue my path in martial arts for the rest of my life.

My advice to you, find what helps you bring yourself closer to a better relationship with food and your body. If you need inspiration, I will be posting my recipes and what I cooked this week every Friday.


Kill it this week!


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