Why not a lawyer? Or sell wine for a living? Why not knitting or scrapbooking? Why not marriage, 2 kids and a mortgage?

I’ll tell you why…I don’t know…

When I was 9 I took my first Tae Kwon Do class and ever since then I haven’t looked back. Sure the arts and disciplines have changed but the goal is still the same. Be the best martial artist I can be.

Why I chose martial arts in the first place, I’m still not sure. It might have been the Power Rangers or all of the Bruce Lee films that my Dad used to make me watch. Or maybe I just had a strong desire to kick someone in the head (and I still do!). All I know is that I can’t imagine my life with out it in my life.

Now, why do I still so martial arts and why have I chosen it as my profession? I know the answer to that one. There is something so pure and honest about training in the martial sciences and there is nothing more rewarding then sharing that with others so they can find their own truth. You truly get to see who someone is when you train with that person. There is nothing to hide behind, no career, no title, no car, no house, no family, just you.

I sometimes think about what would have happened if I had done the responsible thing and got a “real” job making a decent living, got married, and had kids. But then I think, “that’s not what I really want!!!” I have the pleasure of going to work in a bad mood and leaving in the best mood. Work actually makes me happy. My mother tells me all time how lucky I am to have found something that I really want to do and I don’t take that for granted.

Some people have told me that I need to think about my future, save for retirement, or invest in a house. These are all valid points and I’m sure that these things are important to some people. I think working my dream job is the best plan my future can have.

Living the dream, every day.

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