Yes, it is! I came alive this week with while wearing that jean jacket. I trying to harness my inner Billy Jack/Bryan Mossey. And I think I was successful…but back to the technique (we do that sometime here.)

Some backstory. I went to a Dan Inosanto seminar with my coach Bryan Mossey 6 years ago and for the first half of day 1 of the seminar we did nothing but crescent kick, hook kicks, side kicks, ax kicks etc. All the things that I used to do in Tae Kwon Do and that hold a special place in my heart and that my coach HATES!!!

And the reason we did it, according to Dan Inosanto, is because when you age it is important to stay limber. So crescent kicks are a great warm up…because it opens the hips.

I just like to give my coach a hard time. In all of his jean jacket glory!


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