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In this weeks episode of Throat Punch Thursday I teach the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu hand chop. But honestly, who doesn’t love a hand chop? I know I love a hand chop! Whether it’s the ninja chop, karate chop, or the judy chop. But today we’re talking about the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu hand chop. For those of you who don’t know if you look in Helio Gracie’s Master Test there is a hand chop. I know I had to do it on my black belt test. It’s especially useful when I’m getting unwanted attention from “sweet” dudes who think they know more Jiu-Jitsu than me. Isn’t that the worst? Some creepy guy walks up to you and all you want him to do is go away and leave you alone. So what do you do? Hand Chop! First, you distract them by selling the hair. Trust me if you skip this step all is lost…(Enter super awesome slow mo. hair shake) then hand chop! HA! Now I have found a situation where the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu hand chop is not only useful but perfect for dealing with creepy old man beard face over here (I know Paul’s not old…) but some guys are.




The hand chop is a technique that comes out of Helio Gracie’s Master Text. It is meant to be a surprise attack. I know to many people that it seems silly but it is always part of the black belt test for Master Pedro Sauer. It’s nice when you’re testing because it breaks up the test between the very serious throw and self defense situations. I used to never think very much about the technique until my buddy tested for his brown belt in Brazil and Master Sauer got up to correct him on the hand chop. Master Sauer told my friend that you have to sell the hair. I never forgot that, so I made sure at my brown and black belt test that I sold the hair. I thought it was such a good point that I figured it deserved it’s own episode.




With everything that is going around in the news these days about harassment I figured it was good time to do an episode about it. The situation is more common then we think, even on the mat. But there are no bad endings here at Throat Punch Thursday, only hand chops. Distracting a creeper then using a hand chop seemed like the perfect time to use the technique. Now I’m not going hand-chopping people all the time. I’m just saying I will if I have to.

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