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This is Sparta! Well. No it’s Throat Punch Thursday but I was close. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and nothing screams romantic than the worlds most famous push kick, ancient Sparta, and a box of gamble chocolate. Cause you guys know, just like the chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get at Throat Punch Thursday. In this week’s episode I teach the Teep, but just the Teep and take to you back to an ancient time where the men were men and the woman were men, who foot jabbed! Don’t forget this is Valentine’s Day!


The Teep, or foot jab in English, is the longest-range tool in Muay Thai. I believe it should be one of the first techniques that you should learn in Muay Thai. It can be used offensively, defensively, or just to knock someone down who asking you out for Valentine’s Day. The key is you have to drive from the hip if you want to get any power behind the foot jab. Or else you won’t be knocking anybody down with your bed sheet you made to look like a cape.


The idea for the episode came from a time that I guest taught a Muay Thai class. I was teaching the foot jab and someone said “But just the Teep.” I couldn’t stop laughing. “Consider that stolen.” And now I finally have an episode where I can use that pun and I have been waiting so patiently. I coupled that with some info about Ancient Sparta from what I learned in my high school Latin class and a reference to the worlds most famous foot jab in the movie “300” and I think you have a pretty layered episode. Oh, did I mention that it’s almost Valentine’s Day? I don’t know what it has to do with Teeps, Sparta, or the movie “300” but I do get chocolate so I’m happy.

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