Have you ever negotiated before? Mind if I try? What ever I need to do to defuse the situation and save the world…with a throat punch!

I once walked in on my parents watching The Fifth Element and all I could think to myself is: What is going on? Years later my cousin had my watch the opera scene that was cut with Leeloo kicking some Mangalore butt! Now I had to see the movie and it did not disappoint. Fun, cartoonish version of the future…check. Gary Oldman as a villian…check. Arguably Chris Tucker’s best role as a pseudo-prince character…sign me up! Here at Throat Punch Thursday we wanted to capture some of my favorite lines from the film and some of the best parts of the Mangalore fight scene.

And what screams Fifth Element more than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…well not really but there is a great bear hug escape in the movie and we wanted to play that up. If you look in Master Helio Gracie’s book, often known as the “Master Text” you will see that the first part is all stand up self-defense. We chose to do two different rear bear hug escapes: rear bear hug arm pinned (attacker with a wide stance) and rear bear hug escape arms pinned. I know the names are long guys but that’s how its written in the book. I call them the “what’s up” and “sack of potatoes” moves in the kid’s class. Both are great options for self-defense and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Stay green and always throat punch responsibly!

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