Weekly Teaching Recap & Women’s Jiu Jitsu Weekend

This week was great! I got to do stuff that I usually don’t get to do, teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to adults!!! This always very exciting to me. I’ve been teaching kids for so long that sometimes I forget what it is like to teach adults. But I will admit that I do prefer to teach kids…because they do what I tell them but that is beyond the point.

I also had the pleasure of teaching a women’s only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar yesterday. This is always nice because I remember when I started training that it felt like there were no other women at all and when I got to train with a high-level woman it was like “finally someone who understands my pain!”

This is the second time I’ve taught a women’s only seminar and the question I still get most often is “Can I do this move to a larger guy?” Which the short answer is…yes. There just has to be a certain amount of adjustments in order fo the move to work. So I get super excited about teaching this. Anytime I can help women with Jiu Jitsu and keep them on the mat for a while I feel like I have accomplished something.

I want to say thank you for all the women. Who came out and supported the seminar. You all inspire me every day and I will see you on the mat next time!

Here is what I taught last week.


  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Spinning Elbows
    • Pummeling Drills
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Rear Bear Hug Escape (Lifting up)
    • Collar Choke from the back


  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • same as Monday
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • Spinning Elbows
    • Elbow Trapping Drills
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • Clinch Escapes


  • Private Lesson
  • Kid’s Muay Thai-
    • test prep
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu- 
    • Standing Rear Choke Defense
  • Adult Muay Thai-
    • same as Tuesday


  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Standing Rear Choke Defense
    • Back Escapes


  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Same as Thursday
  • Competition Team No-Gi
    • Sprawling
    • Passing the Half Guard
  • BJJ Lab-
    • Framing concepts


  • Mini Private on Spider Guard
  • Kid’s Jiu Jitsu-
    • Rear Choke Defense Being Dragged backward
    • Back Escape
  • Adult BJJ- 
    • Armdrag to two different takedowns
    • Armbar from guard set up
    • Triangle from guard set up
  • Adult Muay Thai
    • Clinch Work
    • Plum escapes







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